Golden Eagle Products, Inc.

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Text Box: Listed below are the guidelines in which we can produce Routed / Grooved board units:

Grooved Board: “Routed Hinges”

Calipers: .080 to .120 Graphic or Chip

Minimum Width: ¾” between grooves / Routed out
Maximum Width: None

Grooved Routs: 5/32, ¼”, 5/16”, 7/16”  (¼” most popular)
Groves must run in direction of grain

Sheet Size:
Minimum Size: 6” x 3 1/2” (grain 3 ½”)
Maximum Size: 30 ½” x 24” (grain 224”)

Flap: Routed groove must be at least 2 1/8” from edge of flap

Currently: 2 routes per board. Multiple routs can be done, but require special tooling (3 or more routs)

Text Box: Please call, so we can quote your individual requirements.